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A sweet Christmas ...

Year 2020: the whole world has stopped ...

A year of closures: cinemas, theaters and museums closed; shops, restaurants and bars open but in fits and starts. We, for the good of all, stayed in the house for much longer than we expected ...

Who would have thought that we would miss shaking hands during a first meeting, hugging the friends of a lifetime, kissing those we love and going shopping by queuing only at the cashier.

Instead this year we faced daily challenges:

put on a mask, put on gloves, shop quickly and go back to your PC to work and study from home.

At home we began to experiment: grandparents and uncles learned how to make video calls, each family learned how to make bread, pizza and sweets as much as they could; we rediscovered hobbies that we had previously left behind due to too many daily commitments ..

Even at Christmas we could not hug our loved ones but we did not forget the love and warmth that these moments of celebration have always transmitted to us.

While we were all at home, we continued to work and in front of our fireplace, we studied and created the new My Doll collection: Customizable Wool Socks - Made in Italy❤️️.

As we worked, we remembered the socks that our grandmother always gave us: hand-sewn with very warm fabrics, with our names on them and full of sweet and fantastic gifts.

With this collection, we hope to convey to you all the joy of these memories while waiting to create new ones.

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