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Since 1996, the wishes of three families came true: on the one hand there was a mother who dreamed of being able to give her child a doll that could resemble her and on the other two young friends who wanted to open their first plush company.Fate wanted their paths to cross, and when the two friends saw the eyes of the mother full of joy and love as she told about her daughter, they decided to help her realize her dream.

A short time later My Doll was born: the original doll of the heart, in fabric and handmade that gives joy, smiles and love to girls and boys of all ages.


My Doll was born with the desire to accompany many children in their long journey of life, giving smiles and love to all people who own them.

My Doll reached its peak of success in the 2000s.

All parents and their children knew our Dolls; our little friends' relatives can not wait to give the "collection to hold to the heart" to their loved ones.

Every store in Italy wants to sell our dolls, many directors and screenwriters ask to include in their films or in their television series the articles signed My Doll.

The market widens and the demand increases to excess so new lines are created: from 'girl’s clothing, the furniture for dolls up to wedding favors for births.

My Doll has long remained in the hearts of many people, embracing many generations. Those who have known our dolls as children, will soon be parents and grandparents and we are sure that they will not wait to give a piece of their childhood to their children and grandchildren.

The increase in sales of technological or plastic games has put us in front of a great challenge, after 2006, the presence of My Doll on the market slowly begins to fade.

Even when our brand seemed at the end of its run, Roberto (founder and former owner), has firmly seized the reins of the company aiming to make My Doll return the doll most desired and loved by children, without betraying its non-technological nature.

Roberto has seen the birth and growth of My Doll, he has known personally since 1996 every doll produced or designed, even those that remain in our archives and in our hearts.

He worked until his last days on Heart to bring My Doll back to life and taught so much to all the people he met during his intense life.



Alongside Roberto there were also us, Elisa and Manuela.

We are mother and daughter and we had the opportunity to live daily with My Doll, knowing it in all the aspects that go to form our small, simple rag doll.

We decided to put ourselves at stake by purchasing the My Doll brand in early 2020 and we opened our family business.


We take care of all the aspects that revolve around the creation of a My Doll doll: from the design, to the search for fabrics, from production to promotion, from sale to shipping in the shops of official retailers and also directly to private individuals.

We have personally selected a team of trusted and competent people who help us to make dolls well cared for and precise, to bring My Doll back to its former glory, without neglecting quality and love in abundance.


My Doll is the handmade doll made by skilled experts who give the utmost attention to detail in every single step. Being a manufacturing product, each doll is unique and unrepeatable, the small imperfections and irregularities are characteristics that make each individual doll unrepeatable and special.

Today we try to make our articles known to more and more people thanks to the help of the internet, emphasizing our distinctive features to stand out in the market.


For this reason, we want to show you how to recognize an original My Doll doll!

Each doll has embroidered our brand under the right foot and, if purchased on our website or from official stores, carries with it the birth certificate that hangs from the bracelet tied to the arm.

It is our honor to say that our productions are among the most ecological ever made in the history of My Doll!

We have reduced the use of plastic by 90% 

and the use of plastic by 75%.

We try to improve more and more, for a doll 100% ecological!

For children, for adults but also for the environment and the animals that surround us every day!


My Doll, the doll with two buttons for eyes, wool hair and a heart of rag, ready to make you fall in love❣️

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