About Us

Since 1996 three families' dreams became real: on one hand, a mother's dream was to be able to give to her daughter a rag doll that could look like her; and on the other two young friends wanted to open their own peluche company.

The Fate decided that their paths were meant to cross...as the two friends met the mother's sparkling and joyful eyes talking about her daughter, they decided to help her make her dream come true.

After a short time, My Doll was born, the original rag doll of your heart, hand made, that helps to spread love, joy and happiness to everyone.

Our handcrafted items are made by the skilled hands of expert people that give maximum attention to detail in every single step; every time they create a unique product with its own perfections and flaws. 

We always try to recreate our costumers' taste as outfits for our Dolls without forgetting our initial Vintage style. This bond makes our Doll timeless friends! 

From a few of years from now, we decided to create also Made in Italy dresses for our dolls, sewn here in Versilia.

In order to recognize if a doll is an authentic My Doll, check under its left foot, our logo must be sewn.

Today, leading the first founders' dreams, there are a mother and a daughter working together to spread their love for My Doll to all of you, hoping that you can joying to our big family!


Currently, all the emails are sent in Italian

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