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A special birthday ...

Today is a special day for four little cousins.

It's Valentina's birthday and they all met on the patio of the backyard!

A day of sunshine and fresh air, frames these wonderful moments that they will always remember.

The first to arrive in the garden is the birthday girl, Valentina, who runs to help her mother apply the decorations, inflate the balloons and arrange the chairs.

A few minutes later, Valentino, Daniel and Marika also arrive, all three carrying packages and a gift card, signed by them.

So, after a quick goodbye, the party starts!

The little cousins, after not seeing each other for a long time, started playing in the garden. Between hide and blind fly and many other games, time flies.

It is already time to eat; a pizza, some chips, refreshing drinks and lots of sweets, the cousins ​​are soon full.

But ... there is room for dessert! Here comes the mother, with a large colorful cake in her hand as she sings "Happy Birthday". Lay the cake on the table, in front of the birthday girl and, as always, take a customary photo. After the song and expressed the wish, everyone to eat!

After a good clean up of the table, continue the party with chat, laughter and masked photos!

They prepare and ...

"3 ... 2 ... 1 ... CHEESE!" - They scream in chorus.

With the curiosity that every child has, they run to see how the photo came out ... and how funny!

- "She is beautiful", the cousins ​​exclaim before returning to play in the garden.

The party is ending and it's time for greetings and gifts ... But what did they get her?

The important thing is that this day, spent together with the people you love most, remains forever as a memory made of happiness and harmony.

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