How can I identify an Original My Doll Item?

Our logo has been sewn on most of our items. Our Dolls are extremely easy to be discerned: - A label with our logo printed has been sewn on the body and on the dresses; - Under the left feet our logo has been embroidered; - If you have bought our doll on our web-site or in an authorized shop, it must have the price tag and its passport. If you want to identify the originality of your doll, please send pictures at

In Which Type of Box does the Doll I Ordered Come In?

We have a lot of dolls on our web-site, but only three types of boxes! All the dolls that have the Certify (besides Matteo and matilde), come in the Green Box; The non-removable-shoes dolls, black dolls and other (such as Jessica, Felicity, Selene and Makenzie), come in a white half box, which covers their backs, and a plastic bag; The Story Character dolls, Made in Italy dolls and all other, come in the cardboard box. (Attention: if you are going to buy only one of these dolls, the box may be closed with scotch). Dolls hight 25/27cm and 32cm, come in a plastic bag. You can buy the boxes and the shopping bags on our web-site under the filter "Gift Boxes".

Why the Item That Arrived is Different From the One you Show in the Picture on your Web-site?

Items may be a little different from the pictures for various reasons: - During the production may have been made some cosmetic and technical changing based on the resources; - Lights used for taking pictures and screens may change the item's color. We always try to keep up with taking new pictures for every change.

Doll's Maintenance

Wash in cold water with detergent for delicate, do not run the spin cycle and hang horizontally. Do not put in the dryer. The doll must be washed without the dress and do not brush the hair. For more information, check the tag sewed on the doll's body. Attention: after washing the doll, the hair may look creased.


Can I Order by the Telephone or Through E-Mail?

You can buy our items on our web-site or in the authorised shops. If you want to buy personalize items or dolls not on sale in the shops near you, contact us at You cannot order by the phone.

Which Payment Methods do you Accept?

You can pay with:
- Visa;
- Mastercard;
- American Express;
- Prepaid cards linked to the Visa and Mastercard; - Paypal. You can also pay with a bank transfer only if you send an e-mail to before order online.

How Do I Know My Order Was Received?

As soon as you make an order on our web-site, an automatic e-mail will be sent to your e-mail. If you haven't received it within 24 hours, please tell us at


How Much Does Shipping Cost?

All the prices can vary based on the Country the items has to be sent to. Few shipping costs are already in our system, you can verify it going into the Cart and selecting your county. If your Country is not present, please send an e-mail at specify all the Items you want to buy and the exact shipping address.

How Do I Know Where My Pack Is?

An automatic e-mail will be sent the day the package is shipped, from that, you can track the package and know where it is and when it is going to be delivered.


Can I Return a Product?

You can ask to return a product sending an e-mail to within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the delivery of your package. In the e-mail must be specified: order number, why do you want to return the item/s and which items. Once we receive your request, we will examine it and, if it is going to be accepted, you are going to receive a bonus code of equal value of the item/s returned that can be ONLY used on our website. The returning can be made throughout a trackable delivery paid by the Client. The items must be delivered at our address within 8 working days since the authorization e-mail. The items must not be washed or modify and they must not present signs of use. Every item must be returned comprehensive of all the original tags, packages and accessories. If one of the upper conditions won't be followed the company reserves the right to do not supply the bonus code. ATTENTION: All the shipping cost are NOT refundable.

Terms & Conditions for Returning

The items must not be washed or modify and they must not present signs of use. Every item must be returned comprehensive of all the original tags, packages and accessories. In case that the Client has received defective items or there has been shipping errors because of by the company, please follow all the returning steps. The company reserves the right to ask for some pictures. The client will pay the returning costs. Every item will be analyzed in order to verify that it respects all the conditions listed on the question "Can I Return a Product". The company reserves the right to do not accept returns not authorized or sent by non-trackable shipping.